beatrice chapuis westphal - formation willems-Edgar willems - Editions Pro MusicaHere are the seasonal themes that are featured in the songs of our music education classes. Just like nature, where new flowers bloom faithfully, where tasty fruits fill our taste buds with wonder, our new school year must be creative, renewed and happy.
So, new material? Why not! Our site strives to present useful (even indispensable) material combining technical quality, durability and artistic quality of the sounds produced.
But the material, however well chosen it may be, is not pedagogical. The latter, besides the necessary critical study of in-depth works on the musical phenomenon close to the human being, requires a training oriented towards practice, to revisit its own functioning, to share the long and diverse experience of responsible trainers, to experiment concrete educational actions, to observe a clear progression.
The « Willems® Training » tab on our site allows you to find out more about the Willems training courses offered in Europe this year, and the site will allow you to get to the bottom of this question.
Edgar Willems, in a lecture, expressed himself on this subject as follows: « Curiosity has probably led you this far; let’s take a journey together, let’s trust each other for a while. « Then everyone will be free to choose his or her own educational path, not just by « filling in » but with a real knowledge of the subject.
Welcome to your curiosity, your confidence and your awareness of the training required to lead the musical education of others.

Béatrice Chapuis-Westphal