Flanellography becomes magnetography

For the teaching of solfeggio (musical literacy) from the very beginning, according to the Willems solfeggio book, the complete flanellography (in flannel cloth) comprising a single staff of 5 lines, a total staff of 11 lines, a double staff, treble clefs, f clefs, c clefs, 50 sticky notes and 15 extra lines, is always available.
But we now also offer a new equivalent material: Magnetography; it includes a canvas with a single staff, a canvas with two single staves, a canvas with the double staff of 11 lines (the middle line in dotted line), a canvas with the double staff linked by a brace, 50 plastic notes, 3 G clefs, 3 F clefs, 3 C clefs, 20 additional lines and 1 mobile note on stem. The size of each cloth is 950mm x 500mm.
Important warning: as its name indicates, the magnetography must be installed on a magnetic support (metal board for example).