For more than a month now, our lives as Europeans have been turned upside down by their activities:
outside the calm, a certain silence delicately furnished by the songs of birds, some time for a healthy walk; inside the raw emptiness of deaf solitude, the serenity of a peaceful life or the explosions of a confined youth or even of a relational life with exacerbated tensions.
The daily life of music teachers is particularly impacted with, first and foremost, the elementary particle of all music: sound. This sound, which we care so much about in music education, choosing the best vibrations to offer to our students, this sound which, if it is musical, nourishes and energizes our brain, this sound is the poor relation of virtual tools which, fortunately however, allow us to keep some educational link with our students.
The proof is nowadays made, if it was needed, that music is mostly transmitted live, giving life and resonance to the material through our movement; it is the art of the « here and now », without barriers, in truth of presence and expression.
Music, in that it connects humans, requires an active pedagogy, populated by spontaneous beings inventing, reproducing, memorizing, recreating …
The contribution of our structure remains focused on such a project, providing tools for reflection and understanding in its works or support for concrete actions through sound material and various recordings.
Isolated, in the middle of the countryside, our small publishing house functions normally; we can continue to answer your questions, your needs, your possible orders, in the usual flexible and adaptable conditions that have always been ours.

Friendships and empathy towards each and every one of you.

Béatrice Chapuis