Founded in 1968 by Jacques Chapuis, the « International Association of Edgar Willems Music Education Teachers » has evolved over the decades into the « International Willems Federation ».

Its aim is to promote the development and international influence of the work of Professor Edgar Willems in the service of music education, by :

    • The implementation of information, awareness-raising and training activities;
    • Bringing together music education actors of all nationalities and without age limit, whose activities are in line with the pedagogical proposal of Edgar Willems, by promoting their improvement and exchange of experience, their practical and pedagogical development, and their friendly intercultural links;
    • The artistic, pedagogical and administrative support of the projects submitted to it;
    • The promotion and respect of the registered « Willems® » label on the basis of the specifications annexed to the present statutes. In this respect, the International Willems® Federation is the only body authorised to award diplomas corresponding to the various training courses organised by it or on its behalf.

Its members are spread over some thirty countries.

For more information, please visit the website of the Willems International Federation: