Pro Musica was created in 1940, by the professor Edgar Willems, to realise the publication of his first work, « l’Oreille Musicale, tome I”. He therefore had the necessary tool to:

    • publish his written work, freely decide to develop different subjects according to the evolution of his personal researches or the experiences made in various contexts and according to the needs expressed by his collaborators or the users themselves,
    • improve teachers’ equipment with basic sound and didactic material, qualitatively chosen according to the human and pedagogical goals of his method.

Pro Musica was then managed, animated and developed by Jacques Chapuis, principal disciple and collaborator of Edgar Willems. It’s under his impulse that the professors’ work have been constantly reissued, translated into various languages and enriched with substantial prefaces. The didactic sound material has been perfected, supplemented and improved. His qualities as a pianist and improviser have enabled the production of useful audio recordings. His great teaching experience was also published on films through the recording of anthological lessons.

Today, Béatrice Chapuis is the reference for contact and advice. Thanks to her long practice of the Willems® method, she is the perfect contact to assist you in your choice of books and material.

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It represent, in a great unity or a great Whole (the circle), the relationships of mutual fulfillment between the two trilogies (two upside-down triangles) of which Willems has spoken at length; the human trilogy (physical life, emotional life and mental life) underlying and its « sister », the musical trilogy (rhythm, melody, harmony, clearly annotated in R, M and H).