Volume I – Musical initiation – Price 27,50 CHF

A didactic presentation of the principles of the 1st and 2nd degrees, clearly identified by titles; the sequences, animated by Jacques Chapuis, were filmed live and without retakes with children from the music school of Irigny (France), directed at the time by Nicole Corti (plus a rhythmic sequence with the Italian pupils of Franca Cividino).

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The synthesis illustrated here finds its sources entirely from the vision, work and activity of E. Willems. It is the result of Jacques Chapuis’ experience with children of all ages, adolescents and adults. In order to create a picture of the Willemsian conception, which does not start from matter and instruments, but from principles of life that connect music and human beings, we have chosen the most important ones among them for each degree.

Here you will find testimonials of real lessons, without previous rehearsal; the French and Italian children who participate are simply musicalized but not selected.

Our thanks go to the children for their active and spontaneous presence and to their parents. We would also like to thank the schools (Irigny Music School and Centro Ricerca Divulgazione Musicale d’Udine) and their teachers.

Finally, we pay homage to Jacques Chapuis (1926-2007) who continues to explain in these images not only the indispensable know-how of the musician, but also the internalized mastery of a whole progression necessary for the teacher to be able to recreate and share with the children in an obvious way « a more intense life » through music.


Author(s) Jacques Chapuis
Date of publication 1994
Duration DVD 1 : 67'46 - DVD 2 : 66'58
Language French
Made in France