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Edgar Willems - Pédagogie Willems - Editions Pro Musica

Edgar Willems, in his first seminal work, summarizes the broad outlines on which the entire pedagogical perspective proposed under his name is based.

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Edgar Willems defines his point in a few sentences; first of all a question: « How can one lay the foundations of a musical education and give it sound, non-conformist starting points, yet respectful of the vital values of tradition? « Then a proposal: « The nature of the material and spiritual elements of music must be studied in depth. This nature can be discovered not only in the music itself but also, and above all, in the musician as a human being. »
When it is republished, Jacques Chapuis will exclaim: « And there, in the midst [of society, with its present or announced difficulties], here it reappears, like a chalet in the middle of New York… a simple and natural book, […] where one speaks more about being than about having, […] a book for all those who have the vocation to initiate by initiating, to educate by educating, to reveal by revealing themselves. »


Author(s) Edgar Willems
Date of publication 1956 (4th edition 1987)
ISBN 978-2-940480-22-7
Nb of pages 149