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Edgar Willems - Pédagogie Willems - Editions Pro Musica

Pioneering work on the description of the musical ear, its functioning and its concrete education.

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From the outset, Edgar Willems inscribed his words in a movement, in the continuation of an educational impulse powerfully renewed in the nineteenth – twentieth century by strong philosophical, psychological, medical or artistic personalities, all as daring as they were visionary. For musical education, Edgar Willems is the continuator of Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, a grateful contributor to those who came before him.
A revolutionary work? When you leaf through it, when you look at the final plates, you rather think of charming comic strips from the Gideon years!
And yet this work remains a tool of revolution, of setting in motion, of creative stimulation, and this, by two main parameters : its simple, clear, pictorial language, the honest description of his observations, his essays, his dead ends, and all this with psychological finesse and overflowing life, on the one hand; and on the other hand its extreme order, its precision in terms of progression, the detail of the principles to be practiced, the description of the examples of implementation, without ever putting oneself in the place of the reader-teacher to whom it will be up to create his form of transmission, with flexibility and freedom of action, simply a little more enlightened by the reading of such a work.


Author(s) Edgar Willems
Date of publication 1940 (5th edition 1985)
ISBN 978-2-940480-24-1
Nb of pages 160