Magnetography – Price : 247,30 CHF

The Magnetography consists of a canvas with a single staff, a canvas with two single staves, a canvas with the double staff of 11 lines (the dotted middle line), a canvas with the double staff linked by a brace, 50 plastic notes, 3 G clefs, 3 F clefs, 3 C clefs, 20 additional lines and 1 mobile note on stem. The size of each cloth is 950mm x 500mm. It is the concrete support of the introduction to the melodic reading by relativity then in the absolute of the G, F and C keys.

Important warning : as its name indicates, the magnetography must be installed on a magnetic support (metal board …).

Prix: 241,00 CHF (Frais de port non inclus)


Pedagogical field Pre-solfegic and pre-instrumental (3rd degree)
Use Introduction to Melodic Reading
Made in Slovenia