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Edgar Willems - Pédagogie Willems - Editions Pro Musica

A small, modest, precursory opuscule, while at the same time tracing widely open paths, in tune with the current events of the time, heralding the developments we know today, including in the field of neuroscience.

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This small booklet analyzes each element of music from a therapeutic point of view.

This is how it will be approached:

  • Sound therapy, the physical and psychological power of sound vibration…
  • Rhythm therapy, directly influencing the body, breathing and heartbeat
  • Melody is an essential element of music therapy, melody acts in the field of affectivity
  • Harmony, comprising a triple power: sensory, affective and mental.

This book sheds some light on this new form of therapy, so complex and still so mysterious.


Author(s) Edgar Willems
Date of publication 1970 (2nd edition 1978)
ISBN 978-2-940480-29-6