Flanellography – Price: 189.35 CHF

Materiel pédagogique Willems - Editions Pro Musica

For the teaching of SOLFEGE (musical literacy) from the very beginning, according to the Willems solfeggio book. The complete Flanellography (in flannel cloth) consists of a single staff of 5 lines, a total staff of 11 lines, a double staff, treble clefs, f clefs, c clefs, 50 sticky notes and 15 extra lines. It is the concrete support of the introduction to the melodic reading by relativity and then in the absolute of the G, F and C clefs.

Prix: 189,35 CHF (Frais de port non inclus)


Pedagogical field Pre-solfegic and pre-instrumental (3rd degree)
Use Introduction to Melodic Reading
Made in Italie