Chromatic soprano chime – Price: 152.90 CHF

Materiel pédagogique Willems - Editions Pro Musica

A real chromatic keyboard, this one-piece chime is specially designed for Willems® pre-instrumental 3rd grade students. It allows good development of ear-playing (songs) with transpositions, working with prescriptions up to the pentachord as well as improvisation playing. Its design respects the logic of the sound-name association of the notes and keys of the keyboard, starting with C and developing over an octave and a half (C to A).

At the request of the Willems music education teachers, we offer a model whose keys are held in place while remaining removable if necessary.

Prix: 162,00 CHF (Frais de port non inclus)


Pedagogical field Pre-solfegic and pre-instrumental (3rd degree)
Use Instrumental preparation
Made in Spain