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Jacques Chapuis

Throughout their lives, Edgar Willems and Jacques Chapuis, surrounded by an international teaching team, have been called upon to bear witness to their practical achievements, to transmit knowledge of progression through the carefully described pedagogical degrees and to give teachers all the necessary skills to implement them.

Today, the International Willems® Federation offers you three training courses, depending on your situation and your practical experience:

  • Your activity has an educational and/or pedagogical aspect: you may consider following the training leading to the Willems® Certificate of Musical Initiation;
  • The Willems® Pedagogical Diploma in Music Education is intended for musicians and instrumentalists working in music schools or conservatories;
  • The Professional Didactic Diploma is offered to confirmed holders of the Pedagogical Diploma who wish to invest in teacher training.

For more information on the courses offered, please visit the website of the International Willems Federation: or contact one of the Willems centres below.

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