The bell, present in all human cultures, has for vocation, to attract the ear, to give a signal or simply to act by its vibratory quality on our physiology or our sensitivity.

This is why Edgar Willems recognized it as a primary quality in the education of the musical ear. It belongs to the acoustic family of vibrating plates.

For the 1st level of Willems® Music Initiation:

For the 2nd level of Willems® Music Initiation:

Bells familly

The decreasing size of bells of the same timbre corresponds to an increasing pitch of the sounds they produce.

For the 3rd level of Willems® Music Initiation:

Identical bells

Identical in appearance, they have small differences in tone.

Materiel pédagogique Willems - Editions Pro Musica

Set of three chromatic or more finely tuned bells

3 identical bells with handles to introduce the principle of pre-ranking and intratonal ranking.

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